Surprising reasons for eyelash loss

What is the main cause of eyelash loss?

Eyelash loss is devastating for anyone who experienced it. Many people experience an loss of eyelashes, which could happen for different reasons: side effects of medications, toxins, endocrine disorders, age changes, hormonal changes, skin diseases and so on. eyelash loss

Allergies to medication, skin creams and cosmetics could be reason for eyelash loss, also very common is chemical reaction to mascara.
It is very important, crucial to remove all makeup at night, especially mascara and eyeliner. It is known to have a reaction to eyeliner or mascara and experience loss of eyelashes.
Loss of eyelashes may be caused because eyelashes are being damaged by excessive rubbing, plucking the eyelashes out or pulling them from the eyelids. This is more common than you think.

Hormonal changes is second most common reason of eyelash loss. Many women experience loss of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows with hormonal changes and age.

Milphosis refers to the falling out of eyelashes. Alopecia is an absence or loss of hair from any skin area where it is normally present. Trichotillomania is a rare form of hair or eyelash loss resulting from avulsion of hairs by the patient.

eyelash loss reasons and treatments

Most surprising reason of eyelash loss is wrong eye makeup remover. Many women use makeup remover which is not removing all makeup residue, or is very irritating to eyelids.

Use of waterproof, or 24 hours, long lasting mascara may damage eyelashes a lot, but removing mascara with eyemakeup remover not suitable to remove waterproof mascara and extensive rubbing nightly may cause serious damage to eyelashes. Correct way to remove mascara is to find right eye makup remover for each type of mascara used and soak cotton pad in makeup remover. Then cotton pad applied to eyelids for 10-15 seconds and gently wiped. No alcohol or estringent should be used to remove eye makeup.

Another surprising reason for eyelash loss is nutrition deficiency. There are many reports of treating eyelash loss or eyelash hair breakage with vaseline, castor oil, avocado oil and other nutritional oils. Eyelashes, just like hair and nails, will be supplied with nutrition by body after vital organs, which means if there is not enough nutrients and diet is lacking protein and vitamins, body will distribute these necessary essentials to organs responsible for survival, and to hair, nails and eyelashes last. Constant nutrient deficiency most definitely will cause eyelash loss, hair and nails breakage.

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