5 mascara application tricks

Top 5 mascara application tricks

  • How you apply mascara depends on color of your eyelashes.

If you have blonde eyelashes you need to make sure you get the color right into the roots. This means using wand vertically at irst to color right by the base of the lashes. Now you just brush through with the wand. If you have darker lashes, then apply normally, sweeping from root to tip.
5 mascara application tricks

  • How to apply two coats of mascara

If you want to apply two or more coats of mascara, make sure you apply the second (or third) before the first has dried – otherwise you will create clumping. Then comb lashes.

  • How to apply dark shadow

If you are using dark shadow, apply eye makeup before putting on your foundation. This prevents specks from falling onto your foundation. Or apply a layer of translucent face powder under the eye and sweep this off (along with any specks) when you’ve finished making up your eyes. But be warned – this only works if you use totally matte, colorless powder. Otherwise, you’ll get white circles under the eyes – especially in photographs.

  • Don’t pump mascara wand

Don’t pump the mascara wand in and out of the tube in an attempt to get more color on it. This will simply introduce air into the tube and dry out mascara.

  • Never apply liner inside the eyelid

Never apply liner inside the eyelid. Little clumps can break off and tear the film of the eye, causing irritation.

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